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PFA Basics

PFA is the Parent-Faculty Association at Guardian Angels Catholic School. Our PFA is a fundamental part of our school. They raise the funds needed to help offset the operating costs of the school allowing us to keep a lower tuition base for all our families.


The PFA Executive Board consists of a President or 2 Co-Presidents, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are volunteers who are nominated and elected through the school community. An election is held each year in May for the following school year. Some of the responsibilities of the Executive Board are:


President/Co-Presidents: Oversee the PFA, schedule and lead all PFA meetings, meet with the principal regarding committees and dates, attend School Board meetings as representative for the PFA and oversee the incoming and outgoing income of the PFA.


1st VP: Oversee the volunteer hours of each family and collect any money due to the school for unworked/unpaid volunteer hours.


2nd VP: Oversee fundraising opportunities, help the President as needed, chair the election process in May and help with the Spirit Nights (or delegate as needed).


Secretary: Collect all reports and record the PFA meetings.   


Treasurer: Collect and distribute money as necessary for the PFA and balance the account each month. This requires a relationship with each chairperson who may collect money for an event or fundraiser.


The PFA Board includes the Executive Board and ALL Committee Chairpersons.

Committee Chairpersons are volunteers who have either been appointed or volunteered to chair an event or committee within in the PFA. Each chairperson is required to submit a report for each board meeting. Reports may include overview of event, summary of event, details for the event or “may have nothing to report” as event or committee have concluded for the year. Please note that all events are subject to a Chairperson and volunteer involvement. The included committees are listed on the links under this tab, with descriptions of each.

2023 - 2024 PFA Board:

Co-Presidents:          Brittany Kryston and Terese Roberts

1st Vice President:    Vicki Fracassi

2nd Vice President:   Chrissy/Dave Wenk

Secretary:                   Amanda Greene

Treasurer:                   Farah Vann

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