PFA Events


Major Fundraising Events

(7 volunteer hours per family required)

  • Golf Scramble - Fall

  • Auction – Spring

  • Dodgeball Rally

  • SCRIP – periodically through the year*

  • Classroom Angels*

  • Easter Candy Sales

* Funds donated may go toward 1 major fundraising hour per $150 donation.

Social Events

  • Back to School Family Fun Night - Fall

  • Faith Sharing – First Friday of each month

  • Father/Daughter Dance – Fall

  • Mother/Son Event – Spring

  • Trunk or Treat – Friday before Halloween


(These fulfill non-major fundraising requirements)

  • Box Tops

  • Christmas Program DVD

  • Lunchroom Volunteer

  • New Family Welcome Social (held in conjunction with first PFA General mtg)

  • Outreach

  • Parent Buddies

  • Room Parents

  • Uniform Exchange

  • VPK/Kindergarten Welcome

Fall Fundraisers

Classroom Angels

  • Information and registration will go home in the Friday folder in September.

  • An opportunity to directly provide funds for a specific class or subject area including art, religion, technology, athletics, etc.

  • There is an opportunity for corporate matching funds if applicable.

  • For every $150 donated to a classroom, the family earns 1 Major Fundraising Volunteer Hour.

Dodgeball Rally

Major Fundraiser event for 2019-2020 school year

  • The event is for the students and families of the school.

  • There is a “kick-off” pep rally 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event for the students.

  • Donations can be made online ONLY

  • Volunteering is a Major Fundraising Volunteer Hour opportunity.

  • Volunteers are needed

Golf Scramble

  • Held at local golf club on the weekend of Daylight Savings Time (first weekend in November).

  • The event is open to all school families, businesses and the community and is Adult only.

  • Registration will be online thru the PFA Web site or sent home in Friday folders.

  • Checks are payable to Valspar Championship.

  • There are fun activities or “extras” at most holes depending upon the amount of sponsors.

  • Volunteers are need for the planning process beginning in Mid Sept.

  • Attending, sponsoring. and volunteering are ALL Major Fundraiser Volunteer Hour opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Sponsorship (multiple levels available)

  • Set up

  • Registration

  • Donations/Acquisitions

  • Clean up

Spring Fundraisers


Held at a local events venue in February or March of each year depending on scheduling.

The event is open to the public.

It is our biggest fundraiser.

It is an adult only evening including silent auction, live auction, class basket raffle, casino, plated dinner, cash bar and dancing.

Invitations are sent home via the Friday Folder 6-8 weeks prior to the event. Reservations are required by a specific date.

Themes vary each year and attire is generally resort casual with the option to dress specific to the theme.

Checks are made payable to Valspar Championship. This is a partnership with the annual PGA Golf Tournament at Innisbrook. They offer a percentage match to the funds we donate.

Each registered guest or couple will receive a bidding number. Their number is used to bid on the silent and live auction items including class made projects and donations from the community.

There is a 50/50 during the event.

Class baskets with specific themes (Dad’s Day, Mother’s Retreat, Family Night, etc.) including items donated by grade levels are raffled.

Class projects hand crafted by the students in each class are in the silent auction. They may include items such as a quilt, birdbath, photos, mirror, etc.

Sponsorships are available with multiple levels of donation and reward. The top sponsors are recognized throughout the event.

Attending, sponsoring, providing acquisitions and volunteering for the event are ALL Major Fundraising Volunteer Hour opportunities.

Volunteers are needed in the planning process beginning at the start of the year.

Volunteers needed:

  • Acquisitions

  • Volunteer organizing

  • Decorations

  • Class Baskets

  • Class Projects

  • Technology

  • Various committees throughout the planning

  • Set Up

  • Clean Up

  • Runners during the event

  • Technology during the event

Year-Round Fundraisers


SCRIP is a company that provides merchandise gift cards at face value and the school earns varied percentages per card. Some examples of cards available include Wal-Mart, various gas stations, various chain restaurants, department stores, online shopping, Amazon, etc.

  • Families can purchase these cards and use them as needed or give them as gifts.

  • SCRIP is offered a few times throughout the year especially around Christmas.

  • Order forms are sent through the Friday folder and due the following week.

  • Checks are made payable to Guardian Angels Catholic School (GACS) unless otherwise stated.

  • The Chairpersons collect the orders and place an electronic order to the company. The cards are distributed in the following Friday Folder.

Volunteers needed:

  • Sort the orders

Box Tops

Box Tops are collected at the school either through the student’s classroom or the various collection boxes through the school.

The classroom with the most collected in a specific time frame earns a pizza party or an ice cream social or other treat determined by the committee.

Volunteers needed:

  • Chair - Coordinate project and submit Box Tops for reciept of payment.

  • Collect, count and cut labels. These tasks can be done at home.

Fall Social Events

Back to School Family Fun Night

  • Held in the Multipurpose Room at GACS.

  • The event is open to all school families.

  • This is a FREE event

  • Families will play and rotate between all types of Board games.

Volunteers needed:

  • Set up

  • Clean up

Father/Daughter Dance

  • The date for this event varies based on the chosen venue and other events for the fall.

  • The event is open to all school families and may include fathers, grandfathers, uncles and stepfathers, whomever is special to the "daughter" and is able to escort her to the event.

  • Registration forms are sent home via the school Friday Folder. You must pre-register for this event if you plan to attend.

  • Checks are payable to Guardian Angels Catholic School (GACS).

  • Each “father/daughter” couple receives a memorable photograph of the event, dinner and door prizes as stated on the information sheet sent home.

  • The event consists of dinner, dancing and some games.

  • The dress code is specific to the theme of the event with the option to dress in your Sunday best.

Volunteers are needed:

  • Set up

  • Clean up

  • Registration during the event

  • Photographs

  • Donation of prizes


  • Held each year in the main parking lot of Guardian Angels Catholic School on the Friday before Halloween.

  • Registration is online at the PFA Website or sent via the Friday Folder You must register to participate as it is limited by the parking spots.

  • Checks are payable to Guardian Angels Catholic School (GACS).

  • Each participating family can decorate their car/trunk/parking spot with a theme excluding frightening or gore-type themes or decorations.

  • This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY event and many young children participate.

  • There is a Trunk Decorating contest.

  • All cars must arrive by the designated time and then the gates will close. This will ensure the safety of the children.

  • Each participating family brings enough candy for the “trick or treaters”. The “final” number will be sent home with the confirmation before the event.

  • Once the event begins, the children may trick or treat freely through the parking lot.

  • If you are choosing to “share” a parking spot with another family, YOU MUST REGISTER WITH THAT FAMILY AND INCLUDE THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN ATTENDING.

  • Families should bring chairs and/or tables as you will be sitting and passing out candy.

  • At the end of the evening, the prizes will be announced.

  • Clean up your area.

  • After all families are in their vehicles, the gates will be opened and there will be directions for traffic to leave in an orderly manner. PLEASE DO NOT pull your car out until directed.

Volunteers needed:

  • Set up

  • Clean up

  • Collect entry fees at the gate

Spring Social Events

Mother/Son Event

  • The event is open to all school families and may include grandmothers, aunts & stepmothers, whomever is special to the “son” and is able to participate with him.

  • Registration forms are sent home via the school Friday Folder. You must pre-register for this event if you plan to attend.

  • Checks are payable to Guardian Angels Catholic School (GACS).

Volunteers needed:

  • Chair - Planning, secure a venue, catering, entertainment, etc...

  • Acquisitions

  • Registration

  • Set Up

  • Clean Up (if necessary)

Faith Sharing

  • Each First Friday of the month, the school community is invited to gather in the school chapel for rosary at 7:05 am.

  • The families who participate are invited to socialize with coffee and donuts following the prayer.

Volunteers needed:

  • Provide donations of donuts.

  • Pick up the donuts.

Fall Committees

Parent Buddies

  • This is an opportunity for new families to be partnered with another family who has been enrolled at Guardian Angels within the same grade levels as the incoming students.

  • Families are available to welcome the new families, answer questions and be there as a support as the new families navigate their first year at Guardian Angels.

Volunteers needed:

  • Email/call new families and be a guide as needed.

VPK/Kindergarten Welcome

  • Each year on the Sunday before school starts, students from the 1st grade and their families surprise the new students with a small token from the school.

Volunteers needed:

  • Deliver to families on the Sunday before school starts

  • Map the deliveries

  • Prepare the items for delivery (generally a welcome sign, balloon tied to crayons with a Guardian Angel prayer)

New Family Social

  • Held at the beginning of the first PFA General meeting in the MPR.

  • This is an opportunity for the new families to socialize and meet other families from the school.

Volunteers needed:

  • To set up

  • Serve

  • Clean up

Christmas Program DVD's

  • Each December the Elementary school students perform a Christmas program including the Christmas Story by the 5th grade.

  • The PFA offers a DVD of the program at a minimal cost.

  • This allows the families to enjoy the program without interruption and gives them a professional DVD to commemorate the event.

Volunteers needed:

  • Take orders before the program

  • Distribute the DVD when they are delivered.

Year-Round Committees


  • Outreach is a committee consisting of the chairperson and the room parents. They work with the administration to provide help to the school families who may be in need.

  • This includes a collection during the holidays to provide Thanksgiving dinner and other necessities through the holidays for families within the school who may need a little extra help. This is done privately.

  • Outreach is available to families who may suffer an emergency such as fire, death, etc. and need extra help during that time.

  • Outreach will determine the need and organize through the classroom or school wide depending on the situation.

  • All outreach is done discreetly.

  • Volunteers are only needed if there is a need within the school community.

Room Parents

  • With endorsement of the teacher, a parent (or 2 parents) is appointed to represent the class.

  • Work closely with teacher and coordinate with parents in order to support classroom needs

  • Coordinate class participation in Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week (held in the Spring)

  • Serve as contact person to assist new families within the class navigate the school.

Lunchroom Volunteers

  • Volunteers are asked to help distribute lunches and clean the lunch tables and floors between lunch periods.

  • Typical hours are from 10:45 AM through 1:15pm.

Uniform Exchange

  • Uniform exchange is located in the common area of the elementary school.

  • Gently used and outgrown uniforms may be dropped off at any time.

  • The committee schedules days throughout the year to allow families to browse the collection and add to their uniforms or drop off outgrown uniforms.

  • The committee works to keep the stored uniforms clean and stacked neatly. If you need to browse the uniforms outside of the scheduled dates, please keep the area neat and the clothes folded.

Volunteers needed

  • Set up/maintain organization

  • Fold/clean uniform