Lunchroom volunteer hours are currently paused for 2021-2022,
therefore, can not be counted towards your required hours.

The PFA requires families to volunteer 15 hours (10 for single-parent families) per year for the school. Five (5) of those hours must go towards a major fundraising event. Please note: Divorce does not constitute single parent if custody is shared. Each family is also required to volunteer in the lunchroom for at least two days during the school year. To fulfill this lunchroom obligation, the volunteer must arrive no later than 11AM on the day they are scheduled, and work until the last lunch period is complete, approximately 1PM. This will account for four of the required service hours. In the event, a school parent cannot volunteer for the lunchroom, they may find a substitute who will complete the required hours for them. The additional traditional volunteer hours can be met by helping with various PFA events, fundraising, on-site opportunities, and coaching. 

PFA Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Classroom assistance

  • Field trip chaperone

  • Room Parent

  • Service on committees such as Annual Auction, Golf Tournament, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Bowling, BINGO, Box Tops, Faith Sharing, New Family Social, New Student Welcome, Parent Buddy,

  • Outreach, Publicity, Trunk N Treat, Uniform Exchange

  • Attendance at PFA General Meetings

Parents who transport athletes to and from practice and game sites are considered to be doing so for the convenience of the students’ parents. Driving time is not part of required service hours.

Contributed hours may not be credited to any other parent to satisfy their required responsibility except for the lunchroom requirement.

In the course of required work, confidential information about students, teachers, support staff, or parents may be learned. This information must remain confidential in any setting inside or outside the school, just as one would wish their privacy to be respected.

The PFA is authorized to administer the program. If you are unable to serve or fulfill your commitment, you will be charged according to the following guidelines:

Lunchroom requirement $100.00 ($25.00 per hour) - Currently paused (2021-2022)

PFA Service Requirement (Excluding lunchroom) $250.00 ($25.00 per hour)

Fundraising Requirement $125.00 ($25.00 per hour)