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The PFA requires families to volunteer 20 hours (15 hours for single-parent families) per year for the school.


Volunteer hours can be earned by volunteering for PFA, school, or classroom events.
If you chair an event, that will cover all service hours for the entire year.

Some examples include:

Classroom assistance

Field trip chaperone

Room Parent

Athletic Coach

Service on committees such as:

Annual Auction

Golf Tournament

Father-Daughter Dance

Family Bingo

Box Tops 

Faith Sharing 

Mother-Son Event

New Family Social 

New Student Welcome 


Parent Buddy 



Uniform Exchange

Attendance at PFA General Meetings

If you prefer to buy out your service hours, the fee is $40 per hour which is $800.

Any $500 sponsorship for an event will cover all hours for the year.

Each $40 donation throughout the year will count as 1 hour.

For example:

$150 Classroom Angel donation = 4 hours

$40 rebate for SCRIP gift card = 1 hour

In addition to fulfilling your service hours, you are required to enter them in Renweb.

Failure to do so will result in you receiving an invoice.

The PFA is authorized to administer the program. If you are unable to serve or fulfill your commitment,

you will be charged $40 per hour for each unfulfilled hour.

Parents who transport athletes to and from practice and game sites are considered to be doing so for the

convenience of the student's parents. Driving time is not part of required service hours.

Contributed hours may not be credited to any other parent to satisfy their required responsibility.

In the course of required work, confidential information about students, teachers, support staff, or parents

may be learned. This information must remain confidential in any setting inside or outside the school,

just as one would wish their privacy to be respected.

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