6:30pm - 8pm

Current # children attending:  152

as of 10/25/2019 10:19 am


Trunk-or-Treat is a cherished, annual, family fun event at Guardian Angels.

Each year, we number the spaces of our main parking lot and families choose their 
desired spot or have one assigned upon arrival. Once the gates open, you proceed to your
designated space and begin transforming your vehicle into a Halloween delight!

Some of our extremely creative families go all out with this transformation, turning  their vehicles

into incredible make-believe spaces,  places or things. Hollywood has nothing on them and it can be

hard to choose which one to vote for!  Don't let that intimidate you though, no effort is too small and 

some of us prefer to kick back in our lawn chairs and just pass out candy.

Once all vehicles are parked, we close the main gate to the parking lot and at 6:30pm the trick-or-treating

begins! The kids trick-or-treat from car to car, usually with their parents trying to keep up. In addition to

trick-or-treating, there is a DJ, and additional activities for all ages.

Everyone gets to vote for the Best in Show (their favorite vehicle), as well as their favorite Best Dressed
If you see a pumpkin you cannot live without, feel free to place a bid on the appropriate
silent auction sheet. 
In addition, all attendees are entered into a drawing for a door prize! All winners
are announced that night 
and you must be present to win.

At the end of the evening, we make sure all children are in their vehicles before we open the gate

and safely direct all vehicles out of the lot.

We ask that each family bring enough candy for all the children and we will update you with those numbers

as the registration progresses.

We look forward to seeing you there!


New Improvements for 2019


  • All voting will be done online here during the event. You will vote for your favorite vehicle by their
    parking space number. Pumpkins will be voted on at the same time, by their associated number.
    One vote per email address.


  • There will be food and drinks available for purchase.

  • 8th grade will be hosting a dunk tank fundraiser

All Participants:

  • All vehicles will enter through the Maze to alleviate the backup on Evans Road.

  • You may arrive as early as 6:00  pm for setup. The gates will be locked promptly at 6:30 pm. 


  • No vehicles will be permitted to enter the main lot after the gates are locked.

  • All families are expected to bring enough candy to distribute for the amount of children registered. We will have a community table set up where you may drop your candy off for distribution
    or you may distribute from your vehicle. Feel 
    free to bring lawn chairs!


Maze Parking & Walk-In Participants:


  • Maze parking & Walk-In Participants will only be available IF the main lot is full.

  • In the event the Main Lot is full, the entry fee for Maze Parking will be $5 per person at the gate.
    We will accept cash and checks at the gate.



* Best in Show *

  • 1st Place - 4 tickets to Sea World plus 4 tickets to Aquatica!

  • 2nd Place - 2 tickets to the Florida Aquarium

  • 3rd Place - 4 tickets to Clearwater Marina Aquarium

    * Best Dressed Pumpkin *

  • 1st Place - Class Pizza Party

  • 2nd Place - Class Pizza Party

  • 3rd Place - Dress Down Day

* Door Prize *

  • One lucky winner will receive 4 tickets to Congo River Golf!


Event Restrictions

No blood, guts, gore, weapons, "bad-guys" etc. are allowed.

Please keep all costumes and decorations fun and G-Rated

Emergency Procedures

If at any time during the evening you MUST leave the parking lot, please follow the below procedures

to ensure everyone's safety. Thank You!

  1. Turn on your headlights and emergency flashers. Beep your horn if necessary. Wait for
    a staff member or volunteer to approach your car.


  2. All trick-or-treating will be temporarily suspended.

  3. Wait for an announcement to be made.

  4. Wait until the area around your car is cleared and you have been directed to move.

  5. Slowly and carefully leave the parking lot.

  6. Trick-or-Treating will resume once the “All Clear” is sounded.



Thanks! We will get back to you soon.